Getting the most out of your clothing .

Hello and happy laundry day. Sundays are my laundry day, even though this is posted on Monday. Still it made me think, while folding and sorting about how much laundry we do. And also the waste. It made me ask myself “ Are you getting the most out of your clothing?”

I am now. And I owe it to recycling programs for clothing and also a little tool that can bring the life back into your clothing. Imagine it. You are picking out something to wear, either to the couch or to bed. Or that zoom meeting you do not want to go to. Only to realize that the top or dress or pants have those itchy scratchy pills on the fabric. Or the fabric looks a bit dull due to the fabric being a bit bunchy.

I mean the worse are those polyester blend fabrics usually used in pajamas. And it gets pilled and it is so uncomfortable. What started out soft and so comfy is now like sitting in a bunch of sandpaper. Most would toss it after it gets to that point. But I am saying don’t! Unless you see a bunch of holes and it can not be reused.

That is where this little tool comes in, a fabric shaver and brush combo! YES! For just under $30 you can get a simple tool that is not only rechargeable but can also bring some life back to your old tried and trues.

There are many different kinds to get and the goal is to shave off that bit of top layer of pills and bunches. You can brush life back into fleece! Making it soft and not scratchy. I seriously do not know why I didn’t get this sooner.

Works on fleece and also nylon

This tool , the fabric shaver, works so well. My kids love using it too on their own clothing. Showing them how to take care of their clothing. And it is working, plus the little tool is just so fun to use! This is a great way to get the kids involved in laundry care. You fold they de-pill and shave the sweaters and pants and shirts! IT WORKS.

Are you getting the most out of your clothing? DO you own a fabric shaver? YOU SHOULD.

I really think this is a tool necessary for anyone’s house hold. Single people or families. Bigger families may need two. What do you think?

Shop some of the fabric shavers I have found.


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