Quick hospital visit. Vasal Vagal syncope and feeling crazy.

OK, So I got to ride in an ambulance for the first time in my life. Yeah. Not something to really brag about . And trying to remember everything and it is hard because the whole morning is a bit foggy. But, I went to the doctor for my old problem of kidney issues or rather bladder reflux. And I remember the doctor pushing on my back and abdomen. I remember it hurting an the test was normal. But, the shirt still hurt and as the doctor  was discussing the bladder thing I think? All I know is I woke up on the floor surrounded by people who I didn’t know. I thought it was 2011 and that I had no clue what my name was or where I was. I started crying. And then was in an ambulance getting an IV in the arm. We got to the ER and it was so busy that I ended up in PEDS. I was in the turtle room. Not a big deal. I got my covid test which was negative. The nurse then had to take blood for tests. The IV from the Ambulance didn’t want to give up blood. And honestly that one hurt a lot in my arm. I couldn’t move my arm without pain. So the nurse had to flush it and that A leaves a fun taste in your mouth and b it hurt like hell! HELL! OH it hurt. And I have never had a flush hurt. Then she was unable to get blood even with syringes. And help. So out came the Ultrasound machine for vein checks. Because she had tried my other arm and it did not work… At ALL. So the other nurse, yeah he found the vein, got the iv #2 in and pulled blood. I have tiny veins and they constrict pretty bad. The anxiety I got from the experience did not help me at all. I was thirsty and needed my heart meds. Which they did give me.  I was able to be released due to it being my vasal vagal being bad and neuro cardiogenic syncope. Did I mention the horrible sweating and freezing.

I am still recovering today on Saturday. And honestly I feel crazy. I never would have gone to the hospital unless I was feeling like death. Because I always fear being crazy or being labeled as faker. I know that is preposterous. That is how I feel and it is also why I try not to go to the doctor much unless I have to. I kept asking if I was just stressed maybe or crazy and nothing was wrong. And Begged to go home at one point, the pain was talking. I have this condition and it acts up and when it does I am useless for a day or two after an episode that bad. And this one was bad. At least this time I was not alone like I was before. This morning I was feeling pretty normal and then by afternoon not so much. Not so much normal. I was feeling bad and the freezing was bad. OH and over night I was sweating like crazy. I honestly feel insane. You would too.

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