Questionable Fashion choices

Questionable Fashion choices
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So, this morning, after being up all night with a very wiggly 3 year old, I finally just peeled myself out of bed to go sit with my not-so-well 8 year old. He has a sinus infect, nasty ear infection, and I think bronchitis. The allergies are playing a havoc on his body. Anyways, getting ready was a serious chore. I had no clue what to wear. So, I put on a basic tee and pretty green tulle skirt. On top of that skirt I put on my Dries Van Noten silk chiffon skirt. I have barely worn it. Mainly because it is see through.

IT is pretty, but a pain. I felt my fashion choice was questionable. WAs it too eccentric? WAs it too much going on? I feel it was yes on both counts. And this is coming from a tiara wearing mama. In photos it doesn’t seen so, in person a bit much perhaps. Street style for fashion week maybe, but probably not every day wear.

As a fashion blogger or style blogger or “weird self absorbed selfie junkie” outfits are supposed to be well thought out, planned , set aside, and styled. But, is it too out of place to be a bit loud? Loud in color that is. ok, maybe also in design.

Who can really say? All I know is I got home and got into nap ready joggers (like these) and called it a day.

Well, until we had to log my son into school. The days of mom life never ends. But that is ok.

Tee Target // skirt SHEIN // shoes SHEIN // bag GUCCI

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