Chaos at home, parenting during a pandemic.

Ok, I wrote up a whole post about chaos at home. But, there was something that went wrong with that post. So here we go. I am writing up something different because now I am mad and my autistic brain is like “NO it was bad we do not want that stuff we wrote because you just did it! So write different! “ so here we are and here we have different. Joy. And stuff.

If you would have said a year ago or longer that I would have been parenting kids during a pandemic or plague. I would have laugh Ed my ass off. Probably asked what drugs you were taking and been on my way. But here we are. Of course it isn’t like the Black Death, because that was just awful and with modern medicine like antibiotics we wouldn’t have the same issues they had in the Middle Ages. Although Covid has been absolutely devastating. The death toll rises around the world. Vaccines are rolling out more and more. I got one more dose of Pfizer to go! Normal life is what we want. But I do not know what will go back to normal.

I do know that I have definitely learned how privileged and horrible people can be. Not that I didn’t know that before but the Karen’s and kens out there sheesh … just…. ugh.

My house right now is chaos. 2 kids at home. Not that would have been different without a pandemic. The pandemic showed us how lacking the school was for my autistic son. And how much he has thrived being at home. But still trying to find the boys things to do at home and not bore them to death is challenging. We have to get creative. While also realizing sensory awareness and age appropriate stuff. And one child has entered the “mine, everything is mine” phase at the tender age of 3! The 8 yr old doesn’t know what to make of that nonsense yet.

My husband also works from home now. So, there is never a break from anyone! As much as I love my family I am also being driven to insanity by so much togetherness. We need a parents day out. But, the only way that will happen is get a sitter and trust the sitter is covid free and fever free and such.

But for now we will just break out the bubble machine and let them loose.

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