Discovering self love.

This might sound like the ultimate 2021 thing here but bare with me. I have truly been on the path to self discovery and love since 2020. Well, maybe even before that. But, not like now. I feel like I am making progress. Being my witchy self that I have been well since always, but realized it in high school. And also that I need to love me and my body. Which is something I would never think I would say, ever. Like, ever ever.

I come from an upbringing of constant self- deprivation. Obsessive dieting, obsessed with being thin and skinny like those models in vogue. People I would work with would count calories and carbs like a kid counting pocket money for candy.every thing portioned, everything over analyzed. And then as a kid my skinniness commented on and as an adult not much different. I suffered from an eating disorder, and have hated my body my whole life. Sucks right? Never pretty enough, never fit enough, not skinny enough, not smart. Not social, not a lot of real friends. UGH.

But then today in fact while sitting in a relaxing bath taking in the gorgeous warm scents of the spicy Cleopatra collection from fragrant jewels, the warmth and the green water(it turns the water green a color of healing as well as prosperity) MAde me think to myself, Why don’t you love you more?

Yeah, I thought, Why don’t I?

As I stated above the never good enough. But, today, in the tub(why is it always the bathroom?) I have that thought.. That I should love me, my body has been through hell. I carried 2 kids, I have to take care of those two kids and them being on the spectrum. Well, my oldest for sure my littlest we are waiting on the grants to get is full eval and CDE. Anyways, I thought I really do love my body. Even if it gets chronic bladder and kidney infections thanks to reflux. Even if my heart goes wonky time to time. I still love it. Who care what people may think about how I look. Am I at that IDGAF age? I guess I am.

I love myself, because I am MAGIC. And you should love yourself too. Because if you don’t no one else will.

I think this outfit really brought that self love bit out. It is a cute look. I haven’t worn jeans in a while so, yeah. It was a great combo, yes they are skinnies but honestly that is all this old millennial has. The wig is on to support the trichotillomania issue. And I felt great! GREAT I SAY!

The top and shoes are from
SHein and your can buy them here and here

The pants re from Gap. The Gucci bag is rented from Vivrelle. I have the $90 a month plan. Boom. That is it. My outfit details. Oh yeah the wig is from lit unicorns get it here use code Glamorousandgeeky for $5 off your purchase.

Thanks for reading.

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