Break the rules, wear the crown

I have had an obsession with crowns or tiaras since childhood. Fond memories of being a princess for Halloween and then obsessively wearing the crown a lot. And the pretty pretty princess game was my jam. The crown I always wanted, who didn’t? The jewelry! The rings! Who cares about the actual game, we all just wanted to wear the crap. Except for the earrings, those never fit anyone. OUCH.

I have bought myself numerous crowns lately. I got them for me to wear when I need a mood lifter and decor. And it reminded me of that game. SO I started googling stuff about tiaras and crowns and when to wear them. And blah blah blah. Down the rabbit hole I went of the acceptable ways to wear the shit and the ways not to. And when and where and what the “royals do” and all that jazz.

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I got to thinking, does it actually matter anymore? Does it really? Sure I wouldn’t suggest wearing one to work if you do. But, why not wear them? Have you seen the epic headbands some people wear? I mean I have plenty of blinged out headbands and no one bats an eye. So, what about a tiara? I got nothing too other than “ OH HOW PRETTY!” And I reply GET ONE TOO! 2020 was hell folks. We can all agree. So how about this year we just get all glammed up and for no reason. Get those gowns out! Wear the tiaras with the loungewear. Comfy and sparkly, they can go together.

Sure we may all look a bit eccentric but we all wanted that power as a kid. We all wanted to wear that crown. Even if it was plastic and didn’t fit. We all wanted that. We all did. So, unleash that inner child and princess or queen. Wear the crown, it isn’t heavy, don’t leave it where it lies.

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