Why tee shirt dresses are a summer staple.

Ever find yourself rummaging in the closet looking for something comfy to wear? Nothing Obnoxious, nothing over the top. And you are just tired of sweat pants or joggers and basic tees. Even though you have other ways of making those super stylish. Corsets anyone? I got plenty! Anyways, you want something nice and comfy perfect for errands and time out with the munchkins.

Enter the Tee shirt dress! YEs! The essential you didn’t know you needed. The tee shirt dress doesn’t care if you feel a bit bloated today, it has you covered. The tee shirt dress doesn’t over or under exaggerate the butt. The tee shirt dress can be rolled up and tossed into a rally bag for a quick weekend get away, if you are lucky enough to have one of those.

The tee shirt dress is non judging and comfy as hell to wear. This piece of summery clothing can be dressed up with some great heels or be just as great with cute summer sandals, like the ones I have on from SHEIN. They can be bought basically anywhere almost that sells clothes. And you do not have to spend a million bucks on one. The one I have on is under $15 at SHEIN. And they are timeless you can wear these till they basically fall apart and then make them into say a pillow. (That is one way I recycle clothes. I make them into pillows if the fabric is good or pet blankets for my cats. )

I really love the tee shirt dress. And I used to own quite a few, especially when I was pregnant with my second. I donated those.I want to get some more of these comfy tee dresses.

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