Black and white and Gucci

Wow, I keep getting the worst of luck. Either I get sick from Kidneys stuff and bladder reflux. And then I got the Covid shot and It kicked my ASS! 3 days of feeling like I had a bad flu. And that was just the first shot! Honestly, I have this issue even with flu shots and such. So, yeah I know that the 2nd shot will not be fun for me. Anyways, now that I feel better it is time to post a new outfit! A new outfit from Shein and new plants that are still ALIVE!

I got this sweatheart neckline top from Shein and I had to wear the top for the first time with these pants which are ALSO from Shein. And I really like them so light and airy . Ok the pants are a bit thin and it is lined lined like shorts at the top. But these are super comfy pants and I love how they look with these new red sandals.

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! Enough to write that in caps. Well, the caps lock was on and I didn’t want to erase it. So, yeah. Anyways, I wish I had more to say and more to write, or fashion advise here other than be sure to wear a simple but spectacular belt, to break up the look a bit and break a tad of the monochromatic look with some color either in the shoes or the bag.

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