Pretty in purples

So, While I am down from the shot I figured I could try and write up a bit. Even though I am having trouble making the words. I don’t know but the writers block is real today.

I guess I can do the fashion blogger thing. I can write about the outfit. So, I know I have worn 2 of these pieces before on the blog before. But, not at once. This is just another way to style this beautiful skirt from shein. I love how it goes with this corset I bought a while ago at Corset story. Which is my fave place to buy more “mass produced corsetry”.My next goal is to get a custom fitted corset in the old Tudor style or something from the 1700’s to 1800’s.

And while these things have been styled differently before, this is the first time someone may see it.So, styling a corset again. Everyone is starting to get into cottage core really big now and corsets are everywhere. Never mind wearing them for an undergarment situation, like normally.

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Corset is from Corset story



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