My experience with the Pfizer Covid shot #1

OK, So, I got my first dose of the Covid shot by Pfizer. YES! I was so happy to get it! Finally a step closer to some form of normality. Anyways, I got the shot after quickly scheduling it when a friend/ coworker told my husband that CVS had appointments available. We both got our shots scheduled which is a 2 shot vaccine. YES! the check in was simple, and things went quick.

I got the shot first then my husband and I swapped places looking after the boys. Now after getting the shot you will have to sit for 15 minutes to see if there is an allergic reaction. There is a possibility of vomiting, fever, flu like symptoms. And that is pretty much a symptom of the flu shot too, which yeah that one took me out for 4 freaking days!

Day one, things felt fine. I had no symptoms except for what they call “dead arm” and some major fatigue. The arm hurts and it is hard to lift it and all that. Then the next day, I started feeling kinda achy in the morning. By the afternoon, and after a horrible exchange at a gas station where I was less than nice over a weird charge from the gas station. (I hate that it was like that on my part. And I wish I was never there and could disappear, not that I was screaming at the top of my lungs and swearing at everyone. I said this is all bs, which it is, and not really directed at anyone, just the situation. And that I Fing wasted my time, because the card services said to go to the gas station to get a refund of some sort…ALL bs all of it. UGHanywyas I was not behaving good. ) I was feeling more achy, pain in the chest a bit like I need to cough, and freezing to death. Everything hurts and I am dying feeling.

I honestly feel so bad right now. And I feel so sick. I can not wait to see how the second dose gets me. But, this is worth it to have a better chance at fighting Covid in future. So, I will take a few days of uncomfortable

So, just so you know, my husband also got the same vaccine and is feeling just dandy. Doesn’t mean that you will feel like I do. You can be lucky like my husband and not feel sick at ALL!

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