New found Plant lady.

Hello my friends, I have been working a lot n myself lately. I think, honestly, we all have this year. I mean since 2020 was just a bust and 2021 is better…..ish? I mean we have vaccines now. Anyways, a lot of self help been going on. And self reflection and self this and self that and doing so while reading self magazine while working on myself while I look at myself in blog photos while I work on myself…. and on on and on.

I got my crystals something I have been wanting for YEAAAAAARRRSSS. As part of a spiritual rebirth or rather something of that crafty things of that. Ahem. Been figuring that bit out since teen years and now that I am in my 30’s I have entered the millennial age of IDGAF. It is a great feeling.

My husband has been trying to get me to like potted plants for years. I was a fresh cut flower kind of girl because I didn’t have to care for something indefinitely. Potted plant was a commitment that I just didn’t have time for and honestly hated the idea as it was not romantic to me. Not my “love language” so to speak. But, then I started to see my niece and others on social media and was like , OK. Maybe they are on to something.

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Then I saw how photos looked with these plants and was like OK! Now I really get it. It feels great and the pictures look so pretty with the plants in the background. So now I get it a little more. And so I am now a converted plant lady. Crystals and plants. Yup, I have reached the 2021 aesthetic. Honestly, not mad about it.

Do you grow indoor plants? Have you jumped on to the bandwagon yet?

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