The most fashionable mouse.

Ok, So I guess it is Minnie Mouse week. Because Most of the looks I have shot for the blog this week are Minnie Mouse based. Not dressed like her but rather she is on tees or pants or sweaters. Thus Minnie Mouse week.YEah, and I am not sad about it.

Minnie Mouse is a kind of fashion icon in the cartoon world. I know most of the time she only wears the Iconic red and polka dots or purple dress if you are stuck watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Anyways, when she first appeared along Mickey she would wear more than that.

In Hawaiian adventure she wore a grass skirt with green heels. In the Ice skating episode she wore a yellow skirt and heels. She has worn that get up a few times. And she wears a black sweater as you will see her put one on in the Mickey and Friends cartoons. which by the way have more older kid/adult humor. Anyways, Minnie Mouse has stood the test of time with her outfit choices. Which is great.

Outfit wise, this one was a sort of mishap. I was not feeling so great. Last day of antibiotics and it was messing with my stomach. So I wanted to be comfy. And thus the joggers were worn and yeah. There will come a day where I don’t wear joggers! But, right now I have yet to find one. This whole look, minus the bag was pretty darn affordable. The tee from Target as well as the pants. The shoes from SHEIN, which yeah their shoes have been doing well for me so far. I guess you can say the bag is more on the budget since I rented it. Yes it is a Givenchy, but I have a rental that is $99 a month. Give Vivrelle a try, I love them!

I guess the outfit could have been worse, but overall not bad!Right? RIGHT?!?!

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