New Shein floral dress and bits about Easter

Easter, was the other day and I probably should have posted this then, but then I didn’t wear the dress on Easter.I ended up wearing joggers(what else?) because my son ended up spewing on my dress and himself. He got hit by a caterpillar and has an allergic reaction from hell. So I wanted to share some stuff I have found.

I was scrolling around instagram, the other day. And found some interesting old customs on the EAster bunny, it’s origins and the origins of the Eggs. Which I know will ruffle a lot , and I mean a lot of Christian feathers. But, I need you guys to step back for a minute and realize there where religions around BEFORE Christianity took hold in Pagan communities and old world religions. So, bearing that in mind let me continue this fun bit of adventure. SO, I was as I said scrolling through insta and saw all these interesting historical things and fell into a deep Google rabbit hole.

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So, it may or may not surprise you that there were many practices in Easter that was once a bit of Pagan in origin. The spring Equinox is a time of resurrection in many other religions throughout history. In early Christianity in order to get more of the pagans on board with their practices they would adopt many of the traditions of the other religions. There was the death of the Sun and his resurrection on a constellation of the Southern Cross and it would rise above the darkness and over come it. This was a well worn and used trope of spring.

So another bit is the Sumerian goddess Istar, was hung naked on a stake and was dead and resurrected . The god Horus in ancient Egyptian mythology , and is one of the oldest examples of this kind of thing.Born on 25 December, Horus and his damaged eye became symbols of life and rebirth.

So, the Christian church started to take on some of the old ways practices to keep the pagan converts happy. For instance they would have sunrise services to celebrate the resurrection of Christ, and then Easter would follow the moon phases instead of being on a specific date , unlike say Christmas.

So the EAster Bunny, HERE WE GO! Is a left over bit from Pagan celebrations and symbols of spring. A left over bit from Eostre. She was a great Northern goddess who took on the form of a rabbit or hare.Exchange of eggs was an old custom. Mostly surrounding fertility and such.Hot cross buns were originally made to be for the solar cross. The church tried to get rid of these cakes , but ended up giving up because you know us ladies REFUSE TO GIVE UP CAKE! So the clergy would end up just blessing the cakes instead. Which honestly isn’t a bad trade off. Everyone wins there. I mean CAKE.

Coming to America? According to, It, the Easter bunny,first arrived to America sometime in the 1700’s by German Immigrants to Pennsylvania. The tradition had a hare called “Osterhare” or “Oschter Haws”. According to legend the rabbit or hare would lay colorful eggs as gifts to good little children. And so the kids would leave nests for the bunny as well as carrots in case the bunn was hungry. Over time the tradition morphed as most do into what we know today. Pretty interesting huh? I read somewhere too( can not for the life of me remember where) that the goddess found a dead or injured bird and brought it back to life or full health and the bird was transformed into a bunny or hare. But, the animal still layed eggs! Like a bird! I guess she forgot to fix that part. Hahaha. Anyways, I hope this was a fun post to read and learn from.

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