mom life, It’s like a circus.

Ok, so mom life. It’s like a circus. It is a constant juggling act or trapeze act. A strongman act or magician act. Having kids is like being an acrobat doing tricks without a safety net. Especially when they are both special needs.One we are still waiting to get him tested for Autism although it is pretty certain. I mean considering I am and my eldest is. There is a high chance my littlest is. It is a full wait and see. We got the medical diagnosis now we need the whole diagnosis. Thank goodness Friday they have free testing at Easter Seals. We will see what happens.

And with all this I live in one of the worst states for kids and adults with autism. Florida isn’t that great and they make it damn hard to get services for your child. From testing to actual care. And don’t get me started on the education for special needs kids. It is why we homeschool now!

I feel like I am juggling so many things at once without a break. From the kids and all they go through and need, to my husband, to my kidneys and bladder issues and other mental stuff as well. I feel like I am juggling at times too much. And that is why I blog! It is an escape.And it makes me feel like I am doing something other than running from point a to point b and remembering there is laundry in the washer that I forgot AGAIN!ANd yes it adds to the spinning plate but it is fun. Fun stress.


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So, speaking of circus or kinda of interesting outfit. I worn my new corset from Corset Story. It is a burlesque style corset in that it is supposed to cinch the waist a bit more. I have no idea. But I liked the colors and the sparkle. It is something that I really wasn’t buying to wear as a top. but the styles are turning to more corsetry as tops. Now where are the big skirts to go with it!? Anyways,I finally put on jeans. FINALLY. Only to put joggers on when I got home because I am not used to jeans anymore. Can you believe that?

Corset from Corset Story // jeans GAP // Bag(rented) Givenchy // Shoes SHEIN // Belt Gucci

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