New Dresses for spring.

I have been looking for dresses that I can wear over my corsets. I love wearing them and when I can with a pretty dress it is so nice. I decided to give my wardrobe a bit of an update with new dresses and a couple skirts. Of course I added more tiaras too. Anyways,... Continue Reading →

Questionable Fashion choices

So, this morning, after being up all night with a very wiggly 3 year old, I finally just peeled myself out of bed to go sit with my not-so-well 8 year old. He has a sinus infect, nasty ear infection, and I think bronchitis. The allergies are playing a havoc on his body. Anyways, getting... Continue Reading →

Discovering self love.

This might sound like the ultimate 2021 thing here but bare with me. I have truly been on the path to self discovery and love since 2020. Well, maybe even before that. But, not like now. I feel like I am making progress. Being my witchy self that I have been well since always, but... Continue Reading →

Break the rules, wear the crown

I have had an obsession with crowns or tiaras since childhood. Fond memories of being a princess for Halloween and then obsessively wearing the crown a lot. And the pretty pretty princess game was my jam. The crown I always wanted, who didn’t? The jewelry! The rings! Who cares about the actual game, we all... Continue Reading →

Why tee shirt dresses are a summer staple.

Ever find yourself rummaging in the closet looking for something comfy to wear? Nothing Obnoxious, nothing over the top. And you are just tired of sweat pants or joggers and basic tees. Even though you have other ways of making those super stylish. Corsets anyone? I got plenty! Anyways, you want something nice and comfy... Continue Reading →

Black and white and Gucci

Wow, I keep getting the worst of luck. Either I get sick from Kidneys stuff and bladder reflux. And then I got the Covid shot and It kicked my ASS! 3 days of feeling like I had a bad flu. And that was just the first shot! Honestly, I have this issue even with flu... Continue Reading →

Pretty in purples

So, While I am down from the shot I figured I could try and write up a bit. Even though I am having trouble making the words. I don’t know but the writers block is real today. I guess I can do the fashion blogger thing. I can write about the outfit. So, I know... Continue Reading →

New found Plant lady.

Hello my friends, I have been working a lot n myself lately. I think, honestly, we all have this year. I mean since 2020 was just a bust and 2021 is better.....ish? I mean we have vaccines now. Anyways, a lot of self help been going on. And self reflection and self this and self... Continue Reading →

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