The new way to style a blazer.

My goodness, it has been an interesting year already right? We are all still mostly stuck at home. Things slowly going to some form of normality. Who knows how long though. And here it is March almost April and I am still living in loungewear and joggers. Thanks to my constant being sick. Freaking bladder and kidneys. Anyways. I am surviving.

I have not really found a new way to wear the blazer. I am sure this has been done a million times. But, I figured just in case you need the YES wear the blazer over your joggers, here it is! Joggers are making their way into work wear. I have seen the comfy pant work pant at Target and Uniqlo and I am here for it. Not that I work a job job. I am a stay at home mom so yeah. And While I love dressing up for no good reason. I just do it for ME. I also live in clothes like this because I just end up feeling all crappy and don’t want to risk being all bleh and stuff.

This blazer is a beauty, I actually first rented it from Rent the Runway and then kept it. It is a white tweed jacket and has a little bit of sparkle. Which is always good for me. And since corsetry is havaing once again a fashion moment you can wear your corset under the blazer for some added style,its a good thing. Considering I have a lot of them for my back and such I am loving the trend.

Anyways, I really love this outfit. It is super comfy and pretty darn stylish if I do say so myself. I love love love it! LOVE IT!

So, hopefully you do too!

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