Summer vibes and other stories.

I wish I had a more interesting title for this blog post. But I really don’t I have a lot going on and this whole blog is keeping me sane. Especially now that I am starting over with the Autism diagnosis process for my child. Not my oldest, he was diagnosed at like 18 months? It has been so long ago 7 years or so. Now we are doing it all over again with my 3 year old. Which is fine. Nothing wrong with having an autistic child. And since I am as well, well the apples do not fall far from the tree. Do they?

But, we are still in the discovery phase for him. And my kids (if the littlest is, which I really believe so and so does the doctor) are pretty different in their signs showing. And leading us to the initial diagnosis. Anyways I will write about all that on another blog post.

Now this post title contains the phrase and other stories. And while there is a brand called that, what I was referring to was Good old Thomas the Tank engine. Their show collections, The Best of Percy and other stories…etc…etc. This outfit (besides the socks) is very summery And other stories. My cute slip dress is from SHEIN and so are the heels which are cute green satin pumps with rhinestone embellishments. The bag matches the bits of blue in my dress and of course the pink Lit unicorns wig is back! YAY!

Outfit: dress Shein // Heels Shein// Givenchy handbag// sunglasses Target // Mickey ring

The socks, are from the fact that I have a heart condition and stuff, I wear these compression socks. I know it looks so weird at times but hey I feel better when I do. I feel hot as hell but over all better. The meds, the socks, the being off antibiotics finally. This, dress is so fabulous for the summery days and months.

Outfit: dress Shein // Heels Shein// Givenchy handbag// sunglasses Target // Mickey ring

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  1. Love the dress.. so cute! And I think the socks go quite nicely with those heels!

    Hope you’re feeling better!

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