More health woes.Yellow shadow

I thought I was done. Thought that I could be off antibiotics for a bit. And then it happened again. Another Uti and probably a start of another kidney infection. Freaking A!

I thought I was better for now. After being on the mend from a kidney infection and all that. I was feeling great last weekend. Did much needed housework. Made plans for organizing the pantry. Phase one started today. But I was in high hopes that I was done. For at least a while. I was waiting on Urologists to make appointments in the meantime. And then it happened that I was not so lucky. The feeling of good was short lived. I started to feel a bit of pain on Thursday. The pain was in my flanks and back. I thought “hmm period? “ But no too early. Then I realized crap it might be starting again. I ignored it went to my on appointment for the 6 month checks and then about my business. Things were ok, or so I thought. LAtely too I have been experiencing really bad over heating at night and bad sweats. I also apparently have been having night terrors in my first 30 minutes of sleep. Not good. I didn’t know this until my husband mentioned it. No memory of thrashing about. No memory of screaming at him. After which he said I was dead ass asleep. Just…wow. Then 4am, this huge pain hits and then the bathroom called me. I figured it all out and took a home UTI test by Azo. Damn thing was positive. Then I went to the doctor. Confirmed UTI for now. And back on Antibiotics. There are now talks of potential intravenous antibiotics. But, the urologist will have to make that call. But, my physician said it was very very likely. So, here I am in pain and not feeling so well. I get cold and then run fevers at night. This sucks is all I can really say. And I am tired of being sick and tired.

The eyeshadows that I have on are from more of Juvia’s place Nubian collection. I love how pigmented this is and the gold is so rich but light in color. Sometimes some golds are too bronzy for me. So this one was perfect. Apply the matte yellow to the crease and blend then the gold to the lid. Add eyeliner and mascara, I have on Tarte Maneater both in black. Neutral lips and a bit of clear gloss. Not that it mattered since mask and all. Right?Shop the products below!

Eyeshadow juvia’s place the Nubian II //foundation Tarte Amazonian clay //concealer shape tape fair// Juvias place loose powder in white sands // Juvia’s place highlighter in Cleo // Tarte maneater mascara and eyeliner // Juvias place lipstick in mauve moment // Tarte pro glow palette

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