Exhaustion and the style blogger

I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be doing any kind of blog photos today. I didn’t get much sleep last night. Was woken up at 3 Am by my oldest who snuck into our room. So, I was pushed to the middle of the bed which is not the most comfortable spot. Eventually I got up and went to the couch. And got an additional 17 minutes before I had to get up and drag my son and I to his Occupational therapy appointment.

I was so tired and didn’t know if I was going to shoot anything. I wasn’t wearing what I actually wanted which is ok since the flowers I wanted to shoot with had not a single bloom!!! Still I was pretty bummed that I was too exhausted to do anything. And after a sip of Dunkin coffee I was like “ok, I will do something.” I hadn’t a tripod either.

But, I made do. And got something! Even if it is just comfy stuff for a look and not the outfit I had in mind. Still, I think the photos are good.

Do, you haver days like that ?Outfit details below if you like.

Shirt// Joggers similar// shoes// bag // lipstick

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