Ah being home. Nothing like it. And while I love being home amongst my kids, hubby, and cats, oh and crystals. I also can not wait for things to become normal. Or ok, more normal. It is so hard to imagine what life will be like on the other side of this pandemic. Sure many are getting the vaccine. But until more people get it, I don’t feel safe going out to many places. I don’t feel safe going out to restaurants right now, and probably wont until vaccines are more available. Call me paranoid but with all my kidney crap and bladder crap and weak immunity nope. And the same goes for my kids. And husband has asthma just like my kids do so yeah, not a good idea. Of course this doesn’t help the cabin fever much. And on one hand I feel too paranoid but better to be paranoid than dead.

I actually was feeling good enough to clean the house the other day(Sunday) and it felt good and miserable at the same time. Good because I was able to get up and get things done. Miserable because I felt overly exhausted afterwards. No good. I passed out last night before bed. Not passed out as in I was asleep but rather lost consciousness a bit. Thanks to my Neurocardiogenic syncope. Fun times. ANd man I hate how I feel after. But still I got most the laundry done. I got the bathrooms cleaned, the living room and most of our bedroom done. The kids’ bedrooms will be this coming Sunday.

The other reason it seems to take a bit is that I have trouble with having my kids who love to “help” and by “help” I mean destroy as I go or try to play in what I am using to clean. And then I try to sweep and they try to help by sweeping in the kid way they do, and it made me think I need a Roomba. Like yesterday. And don’t get me started on the mopping which is only on section of swifter stuff. A massive puddle of swifter cleaner and a whole lot of laughing. And don’t get me wrong it was funny at first but the second time I realized I should NOT have laughed my butt off the first time. Then there is fighting over the mop thing. My boys fight each other and then me over who mops. While I do not want to interrupt that wanting to clean,goddess knows these boys should know that they should clean too. Boys and men are perfectly capable of cleaning. And should be taught to do their share. Anyways, it is a bit hard to get all the house work done when being a referee and watching them mop the same spot over and over and over. I love my boys. I love them for the hard work they want to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love every moment as much as I try to get them to stop killing each other over a swifter wet jet. Even the most patient of mothers would be like OK COOL IT! Usually after a few carefully worded talkings and some Lysol wipes to the table in their hands I can finish the job while they laugh adorably helping mommy clean, by wiping down the table and chairs and shelves. WOw, who would have thought a fashion blog would have a rant (sort of ) on cleaning. But this is where we are in the pandemic life. At least we have it better than those in the Black Death. Right?

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