Pattern mixing with FarmRio.

Hey all! I have had 3 nights of full on sleep!! WOOHOO! My kids have slept through the night! It is so awesome! Of course I am wondering if it is due to the fact that I turned the heat on because it was 50 and colder at night. SO, maybe they don’t like to sleep when they are cold. Whereas I need to be cold! COLD DLOC! OK! Ok.

Anyways, back to this outfit. I am wearing a skirt from FarmRio! I bought it on sale a couple of months ago and love wearing it. And this top from Gucci that I found second hand on the Real Real. And the bag (also Gucci) I rented from my fave app Vivrelle! *not Sponsored * .

Maxi skirts with a lot of color are just so much fun to wear! Plus, if you are absolutely crap at mixing patterns as I am, then Farmrio would be a great brand to check out. Cause this Brazilian brand is amazing at mixing patterns. Macaws and florals and tile patterns, Toucans , bananas, Jaguars , other parrots and other tile patterns and such. Just beautiful stuff!

I would link to my exact outfit but the skirt isn’t available anymore and the top isn’t either as it was second hand.

Top (second hand ) Gucci // Skirt Farm Rio similar // bag (rented) Gucci // sandals SHEIN // belt Gucci // Wig Lit Unicorns ROSEY use code glamorousandgeeky for $5 off r

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