Stuck at home? Here is why you should use Picsart

I have been stuck at home and it makes it hard to come up with photo ideas for my blog, which is allegedly a fashion blog. (Joke) I mean it is a fashion blog for sure. Anyways, I feel as though taking pictures in the same old spot isn’t so creative for me. So I decided to give Picsart a go. And I love it! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have been able to create some fabulous photos. Even if some of them I am still home. It is a great tool for this pandemic and for influencers and bloggers.

Picsart is worth it for me because it can be so much fun getting my photos to where I want them to be! In the real photo I am standing in front of a white wall in this amazing cute outfit. And there is some cleaning supplies off to the side and TOYS toys are everywhere. So, I turned to Photoshop for editing the photo’s brightness and contrast as well as fix a lipstick smudge. Then I would get on picsart and just search for the aesthetic I am looking for which was a pink wall and some wood floors. Of course it wouldn’t be me without some glitz and glamour.

I love being able to be really creative with this. And I also share my edits on Tiktok. It shows what stickers I use and stuff. Cool right? I honestly, like I said above wanted to be more creative with my photos. And with having these kidney and bladder issues I am stuck on bed rest until I get to my new Nephrologist and Urologist. I needed to add on to my creative outlet. And this little app of joy did that! I have made my kids go to fantastical places. Have wings and fly. This is one app that you need to boost those insta pics even if it is just for the kids.

My shoe was falling off in this picture. I love it when that happens. What I am most impressed with is that I wore jeans. I have been living in Joggers and loungewear. I mean I will put on a cute dress, but have to change later because of messy kids or the cats trying to claw at it. But, yeah. I loved this look. Got my Givenchy Antigona bag that I rented from Vivrelle. Got on some cheap jeans from Target. Got on my new Mandalorian tank and a cute Amanda Uprichard tweed blazer. Love this outfit in it’s simplicity. I mean it is a basic bitch outfit. But basic bitch outfits are sometimes the best outfits!

Picsart is available on IOS and Googleplay. Try it out!

This post is not sponsored in anyway, I do use affiliate links. I am a customer of Vivrelle and Picsart.

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