Renting Givenchy with Vivrelle .

This is my third month renting a bag with Vivrelle (not sponsored) . Last two times were gorgeous Gucci marmonts bags. This time though I rented a bag I have wanted to for a few years. A Givenchy Antagona . Yes. Vivrelle made the bag possible for me, a peasant.

The Givenchy Antagona I rented is the small version of the bag. And for me this is a great size! The small fits my makeup bag, iPad, the kids things, and my phone and such. I feel to me that the small is more like a size medium.

Vivrelle starts at $99 a month which allows you to shop the basics closet which can include bags up to $4000 in value! (Not sponsored ) I have been able to rent Gucci and Givenchy! There is also some Fendi and Dior. You get to pick a new bag each month or keep it longer. One at a time with the plan I have or for $198 you get 2 items a month and get access to the couture closets.Chanel we are talkin.

So I guess what you can get from this post is I like handbags…and stuff.


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