Repurposed dress and fashion history lesson

 I had this dress from a local boutique here in Florida. And while I loved it at first purchase, later on it just hung in my closet. See, I never felt the dress looked good on my body. My breasts don’t look right in it and it was not wanting to fit them very well either. It was a size large too. And so I would have to wear a swimsuit top that was a similar lace with it in order for me to wear the dress.And even then it didn’t look right. 

So the dress sat there, unworn. 

And then after watching some period costumers talk about how people in the past would take their garments and repair them and repurpose them. Many people didn’t have multiple dresses like we do today. Clothes were not mass produced like today.In fact clothing was not mass produced until the 20th century for women.Women’s clothing was ornate and so many still went to dressmakers if middle class or like with lower class ladies altered the dresses at home. That got me thinking, instead of getting rid of the dress I can take the bottom and repurpose it as a skirt. That part always fit anyhow.  And so after some cutting and hand stitching I got a new white skirt fit for spring and summer! And besides that is what women before the 20th century would have done. As I said before women didn’t have a lot of clothes. Many only had 2-4 dresses each.So they didn’t even wash them often.

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