Ella and Mila Vegan polish

I was out shopping with my littles, I haven’t been out in a while tbh. And saw these 2 little polishes, a grey and a silver glitter. I knew I needed them. I haven’t painted my nails on a whim in a long time because the damn stuff doesn’t stay on! But, I wanted to give this a shot. And so I bought it and came home with 2 beautiful shades. Ella and Mila what I didn’t know was a vegan and cruelty free nail polish . And the polish stays on! For the most part, I have weird nails and nothing stays on long. But this stuff stayed on and I was ecstatic!

Finally a polish that is not chipping a second after it and treatment too. I have the bite no more nail treatment to help with the problem you see above. I bite nails and stuff, not only my hair is pulled. I do that too. It sucks. Another notch in the anxiety tree. Still maybe finally this will work!

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