Romantic Florals

I first saw this romantic floral off shoulder maxi dress on Shein and thought how beautiful it was and how perfect it would go with some flowers I saw out at a park. Yes, I think about that! Anyways I bought this dress, it also will fill my need of super romantic floral dressines until my SELKIE dress arrives in MAY! YES MAY! ARRRGGGGHHHH! It was preorder. Anyways, the dress here is so beautiful and I got so many compliments on the dress and how beautiful I looked in it, mask and all.

Sometimes, you guys, you just got to dress up. Or dress how you feel, and I was feeling like a fancy bitch. So, I dressed like a fancy queen. Or something. I get so tired of just wearing loungewear and joggers. I know I wear them a lot and for good reason, I am constantly not feeling well. And I struggle with depression and I dress up and then feel bad physically or mentally and then end up changing. Without fail. I hate that about myself. I feel like what is the point when you are not going anywhere and can not go anywhere. But, then, where the hell did I go before the pandemic. My spouse and I have different visions of what went on before covid. We did not really go anywhere, he has it in his head that we did. We did not. And IF(big IF) we did go out he would complain the whole time!

OK rant over.

This dress is a m-l and it is off shoulder. I am wearing a corset with the dress, because the dress is kind of uncomfortable without it. I tried it on as soon as I got it in the mail. And the dress has silicone around the top bits of the dress, but the bodice is kind of itchy. It needs something under the dress to be worn with. And corsetry does give the dress stability. I get mine from Corset Story.

If you want to shop my look clic the links

Dress// Shoes// bag(old) similar Kate Spade// belt // lips stick color big bang

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