Minnie Mouse and using picsart

Ok, I wish I was able to come up with a more catchy title for this post. I do, but um, I didn’t. All I got in my head is Minnie Mouse. Wearing Minnie Mouse. Wearing a Minnie Mouse tee. I mean I have other stuff on but the tee is new and well the other stuff is crap I already had .

I probably should have talked about how my mind is a magical creative space or maybe not. I mean I am bored at home . Yes I have my kids driving me mad every which I love. But being creative with Picsart has been great for my sanity. I feel I can take boring normal pics and elevate them to a weird or beautiful place and shot. I can finally do with my pictures what I have wanted to do with them for years. Years.

These pictures just make me so happy and so delighted by how they turned out and honestly if you haven’t tried the app I highly suggest it. Elevate that gram! I also share my edits on tiktok!

I should mention the tee… I guess. Just kidding I should I really should.

The tee is fromTarget (where else?) and so are the leggings. The shoes I bought From shein and bag from Rent the runway, the bag is Tory Burch. I tend to rent handbags too. Used to rent my clothes and that had to end.

You can shop my whole look

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