Rethinking the blog and Instagram

It has been a hot minute. Been trying to find my place in the blogosphere and Instagram. My goodness or my goodness. My original account on instagram was put in jail or instagram purgatory. Why? Who knows, they claim I use bots. I don’t. I know people do to get ahead and buy those followers. I am not one. I was in comment and like pods in my old account but I realized that may not get you anywhere. And as an experiment I used them to see what would happen as far as engagement. Would my whole followers list see my shit if I have a lot of likes and comments? Will brands see that and go yes bunny! nope, nah, uh huh. Did not happen. The experience showed me one thing: in authenticity it was not authentic. The people I followed were there because in my early days of instagram I was told that is what you do. You do follow loops. And I am now realizing maybe that is as bad as using a bot in Instagram eyes. And it isn’t a true following. These people do not want to know What you are about or what you wear because they want the number. Yes. And as much as it sucks I want to grow my Instagram account authentically and have true followers and not just those who follow to get follows. And I do not want to get banned again. By the way it was because I was cleaning house on my instagram that is why they banned my old account. I can not post . I can not like or comment. It sucks. But it was a good thing. And as you hopefully read above you will know why.

Wearing: top//joggers//shoes//bag(rent) //lipstick

Then there is my old blog, Glamorousandgeeky. My husband had to get rid of our old hosting with godaddy. It was getting too expensive and also these said we would have a private server or something like that. Ended up not being true and then my blog got black listed by google. Why? Because the server we were on was riddled with nefarious sites and porn sites. So google was like you must be that too!! And we got black listed. It sucked! And it was also always breaking in back office. It wouldn’t let me up load images and write sometimes . The images would be a permanent problem. And then it was all hacked. So he asked me if I liked my blog name? Was I attached to it? I said yes. But then rethought it all. No no I wasn’t.

So, I decided after he said he didn’t want to pay for hosting for my blog again(he being my husband) unless I was actually making money with my blog. Yikes. Um… I understand why. But then I thought ok, this is important to me. And I want to earn and a lot of brands are not really too keen on putting ads on blogger or blogspot . And I was told a few times this. So I figured ok, I just need to take a break. And I just can’t, blogging is in my blood and damnit this is the only way I can reach people on the outside of my house. This is prepandemic too. I am like Rapunzel and Elsa guys.

If there is anything to take away from this is , do the hard work guys. Just so do it.

And also shop my outfit! Hahahah

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