Lounge wear like magic

Ok, so been messing about with the blog as you know and well. Ok and my instagram. Which I posted about on my other blog. But I will go ahead and mention it here. Who knows this could be the blog that sticks the name is better than the first. And well yeah. Anyways, after landing in Instagram jail for going manually through follows and weeding out those who I don’t know and don’t know why I follow them to bots and other stuff. They said I used a bot. Nope. Was all me. So, I had to switch to my other account and we shall see. Instagram has been hard to grow on lately. It is getting worse for anyone to be seen since the algorithm changes and then instagram being instagram.

But being in that instagram purgatory has helped me realize the creativity I have always wanted to do and never did. And am not putting my true spin on my pictures and having a blast. It may not be that revolutionary but it is me. As me as this loungewear I am wearing.

I bought this set after having a strange run in with some opinionated Neanderthal. This man and his lady friend thought it would be great to mock my appearance. “She is hardly dressed. But at least she has her wig on!” Dude I may have been covered in cat glitter but at least I was wearing a mask and I had on a sweat shirt and a pair of joggers. And this trash being was no prize to look at let me tell you. Neither was his giggling side kick. And who knows maybe it wasn’t in reference to me. But I was the only one around and with my 8 year old too. And I was wearing a beautiful wig. So there is that. The jerk ruined my happy morning. And yep I let it. And I said “I am in earshot!” Not that they cared. It shows that bullies exist even out of high school guys.

I bought this set to make me feel better. I am still having bladder issues and kidney troubles and so lately comfort has been in full control. All those beautiful things in my closet and I resort to some loungewear. Even though the loungewear is magical.

This set is so soft and light. I love that the pants are not tapered at the end. They are wider legged. But they are night and comfy . Affordable and comfy? I mean you can not go wrong with that! Loves it! And yes you can wear these with heels to dress them up or with a nice blazer!

Shirt // pants // shoes// bag//

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