Lavender dreams

I love a good skirt. A flown skirt that you can twirl in is something I just adore! This one I bought from Shein as part of my spring and summer wardrobe revamp.It is stretchy and has a mix of chiffon and lace paneling. Which makes it more of a romantic cottage core like style/... Continue Reading →

The only picture

So, I was determined to get another set of pictures of this outfit . I had dropped my oldest at his speech therapist appointment and wanted to keep busy. So, I thought my 3 year old and I would head to a small little park. Normally my cutie would stay near by and play near... Continue Reading →

The new way to style a blazer.

My goodness, it has been an interesting year already right? We are all still mostly stuck at home. Things slowly going to some form of normality. Who knows how long though. And here it is March almost April and I am still living in loungewear and joggers. Thanks to my constant being sick. Freaking bladder... Continue Reading →

More health woes.Yellow shadow

I thought I was done. Thought that I could be off antibiotics for a bit. And then it happened again. Another Uti and probably a start of another kidney infection. Freaking A! I thought I was better for now. After being on the mend from a kidney infection and all that. I was feeling great... Continue Reading →

Summer vibes and other stories.

I wish I had a more interesting title for this blog post. But I really don’t I have a lot going on and this whole blog is keeping me sane. Especially now that I am starting over with the Autism diagnosis process for my child. Not my oldest, he was diagnosed at like 18 months?... Continue Reading →

The butterfly dress.

I got the butterfly dress on! Finally. I got this dress about what....a year ago? Has it been a year? Wait a sec let me check my order history with Shein. OK, it just feels that long. I got this dress back in September? Which doesn’t seem right but I guess it was. I guess... Continue Reading →

Ah being home. Nothing like it. And while I love being home amongst my kids, hubby, and cats, oh and crystals. I also can not wait for things to become normal. Or ok, more normal. It is so hard to imagine what life will be like on the other side of this pandemic. Sure many... Continue Reading →

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