New dress , by Shein

I got a new dress a little bit ago. A new dress by Shein. Currently though you will be seeing me in jams because I am currently sick. My family is still sick too. Ultimately, I fear I will have to go get another Covid test. Al of us,save for my 3 yr old are... Continue Reading →

Snowdrop dress. I made this!

I have been working on this dress for a while. It’s a hand sewn dress. I have been learning as I go. So there is no sewing pattern per se. which I can tell which patterns I mixed from. At the end. The inspiration for this dress comes from the ballet for Giselle and swan... Continue Reading →

Blog advice for instagram

Ok, deep breath…alright here we go. Today, I have received nothing but those damn ambassadors shit. you know the kind, hey girl we follow your Instagram (they don’t) and want to work you as an ambassador for a collaboration! I’m telling you the pitches are all the damn same! Three free, I am sorry “free”... Continue Reading →

Got my booster shot. Pfizer

Got my booster shot for covid. Pfizer. And before any antivax bull crap is commented let it be known I believe in ScIENCE and I believe vaccines are for the greater good. If you disagree, fine but take that shit elsewhere. Not wanted around here. Ok. Now that several people have clicked away because of... Continue Reading →

Another Holiday outfit .

Recently, we went to our first tree lighting of the season as a family! It was a fun affair at the Tanger Outlets in Daytona Beach. Santa made an appearance and it was a bit chilly. For Florida it was chilly. I wore this cute and season ready red number rented from Rent The Runway... Continue Reading →

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