Pink puff Another Selkie

Yep, here is another one of my Selkie dresses! A midi puff dress, it is a peachy pink color and so very elegant and has a touch or a dash of cuteness with it. Another fave, and a definite realization that the brand will never notice me. As much as I wish they did, it’s... Continue Reading →

Mythical Monday , Mithras.

Hello my dear friends! It’s time for another Mythic Monday! So, have you ever wondered about December and the significance of the 25th for pre-Christianity? Well, would it surprise you that in ancient times there was a god who was actually born on December 25? Today we are going to talk about the Roman god... Continue Reading →


Well, here we go again, another Halloween and another Karen talking about how Halloween is the "Devil's holiday" and how Hocus Pocus 2 is going to be letting the devil into your house and a curse in the house and blah blah blah. Just stop. Just stop, it isn't going to be any of those... Continue Reading →

Mythology Monday Werewolves

Happy Mythology Monday! Let’s talk about Werewolves! I feel like vampires get a lot of attention this time of year and sometimes the werewolf gets a bit forgotten. And while you may think this classic monster is more of a modern invention, would it surprise you to know that it has its roots all the... Continue Reading →

My skeleton garden

I think my skeleton garden is just growing. What started with a few ponies and foam grave stones has now become a tradition. And a very photogenic spot in my yard. Now if I can settle on where the swing goes. The swing needs to be in a spot where I can see the whole... Continue Reading →

Mythical Monday, the Unicorn

The unicorn, who hasn’t seen a unicorn somewhere? Not in the actual sense but you know we see it all over as decor and toys and styles with colorful hair. Welcome to mythical Monday! Let’s take a look at the Unicorn. The unicorn was a symbol of purity. And yes, the church had a lot... Continue Reading →

Happy Sunday!

Good morning my friends, I have internet! And I am so happy about that! I am hoping to get things back on track with my blog and stuff. Peasantry Sunday we are working in the front yard to fix up the curb appeal! And then I will get to the back yard to work more... Continue Reading →

Why I hate MLM’s

I have several things in life that I hate, one being telemarketers and scammers. The other mosquitos, ticks, love bugs and Florida humidity. Then there is the social media algorithms. And speaking of social media, nothing grinds my gears more than that oh so special "HEY Hun, saw your feed and I think you would... Continue Reading →

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